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Helloo, my name is Suvi and I'm an 87 liner from Finland.

I REALLY like K-pop so I mostly post about that.

I love MBLAQ and my ultimate bias is their charismatic and multitalented leader, Yang Seungho. :3 ❤

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Oh, now I know why I liked this show so much… ;)

How to activate the aegyo in Ken. ❤

I have a thing for Idols eating…

Look at them being so cute and my Hakyeon laughing is so precious! ❤


noises Baek makes when being touched.

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let’s take a moment to appreciate flawless hakyeon and his flawless hair

EXO 1st Box - Where there’s food, there’s EXO


so pretty ❤

Is it wrong to wish that I was that little girl…? :’) ❤